Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kitchen sets

 I have been making up some more kitchen sets for special gifts,i am loving this set in the red.
 The embroidery is out of Browyn Hayes book called flowerbed and is roughly 4" x 4" and i have always loved the look of gingham.
cheers shez xx

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

12" mini easter swap

 Last week i received my very lovely easter mini from Cathy and Cathy i am so pleased with it,i love it,thankyou so very much for my lovely parcel.
 And this is the mini that i have sent to Mel,thankyou so very much Chez for running another fun swap.
cheers shez xx

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sewing Case

 Boy i had so much fun making this pattern up it was designed by my friend Marilyn and is called Sewing Case "Priceless"
 This is quite a good size case and has plenty of pockets and was a lovely easy pattern to read.
 I enjoyed making this that much that i have another one on the go,so if anyone is interested in buying a pattern you can go to Marilyn's blog and marilyn's design er name is Mardi Kaye designs.
cheers shez xx

Monday, April 14, 2014

Chateau Rouge Sewing Bag

 I havent had a chance to show you this cute bag i made last month it is a Fiona Hawdon design and i made it with french general fabrics
 Its a lovely design by Fiona and if anyone would like to make one the patterns are available from Fiona
cheers shez xx

Sunday, April 13, 2014

OPAM for March

I am a bit late showing my March OPAM but i only had 3 finishes for the month of March as i was too busy gallivanting around the country side,lol
cheers shez xx

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Change of Plans

 I was supposed to be spending the day with my lovely Gisborne friends which i had been looking forward to as we were going to stitch at a patchwork shop in Gisborne,sounds like a fun day girls,but a change of plans as
 These 2 little grandson's are not well,Dempsey has had croup and has been on steroids and now little Murphy had an emergency dash to Dr's as he was having trouble breathing,he was given steroids too and thankfully came good it was touch and go and close to calling an ambulance from the Dr's,phew these little tackers sure give you a scare,so the change of plans is my daughter needs me ,so girls i will be there next time you all get together.
 Also i had a beautiful letter from from friend Tracy who was concerned as we have not been getting many bees in our garden,so she sent this lovely letter with a pkt of poppy seeds to encourage the bees,what a sweetie you are Tracy,thankyou my friend.
 I have made a couple of kitchen hand towels to send off to some friends because i like them,lol.
cheers shez

Friday, April 11, 2014

FHFS Dresden Plate Swap

 How much fun was i having when this big box came for me from Helen it is the first swap for FHFS which is friends having fun swap and the first swap is a dresden plate swap,the piture on the right are my goodies that were inside my lovely project box,oops minus a peppermint aero bar,lol.
 How gorgeous is this project box,the whole 4 sides were different with the front of it having my initial embroidered on it ,wow Helen you have blown me away with this and i can see alot of work has gone into this and i will keep my projects in it beside my armchair where i stitch,it will be used every day.
Thankyou so very much Helen,big hugs coming your way and a big thankyou to my partner in crime Peg.for helping make this all possible.
cheers shez xx

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