Saturday, 25 June 2016

Florence Falls

Next we went to Florence falls,which had an amazing amount of steps to climb down
And I forgot that I had to climb back up them so guess who can hardly walk today ,lol.
 These falls were beautiful 

We could see lots of people swimming there 

 Boy the rocks surrounding this fall were amazing 

 It was a long way to walk down ,but so worth it when we got there 

Finally we got to the bottom

 Lots of people there with picnics and enjoying a swim

 Happy hour Saturday night for us as we leave early Sunday morning,we both don't want to go home,lol,we love Darwin ,I am going to miss my friends

 Hope your day was a good one.
Cheer shez xx

Friday, 24 June 2016

Wangi Falls

We visited three falls today in Litchfield National Park,the first one was Wangi falls

Oh my this is the most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen
It was beautiful ,we didn't go swimming as the water was very deep and icy cold,lots of people were swimming in it though and some right over to the waterfalls.

I did keep my eye open for crocodiles,lol

 There was also a lovely walk you could go on through the rain forest

It was so pretty there and while we were walking I could hear all these noises,I thought they were birds,but Was told they were bats and it was also a bit smelly 

Some of the trees were amazing all twisted 
This was such a lovely place to visit.
Hope your day was a good one .
Cheers Shez xx

Thursday, 23 June 2016

A fun day

Bev took me shopping and sightseeing around the Darwin Mall,while the guys went fishing again,they only caught three crabs yesterday,so they went out in the boat at 7 am and hopefully it will be fish for tea tonight,if not it will be the meat pack that hubby won last night at the local club.

Lots of beautiful buildings

Then we had a look at the wave pool out the front of the vibe hotel

I had never seen a wave pool before and boy the waves sure are big.

There were some beautiful sculptures around 

This lovely fountain was in the Mall

I had ordered drinks for us at the cafe and I said to Bev I will run into the shop across from us and look for a gift to take home for my grandson as he was the only one that I hadn't been able to find a gift for and low behold I run into friends from Ballarat ,told them that Bev was out the front so they joined us for a cuppa.
It's so funny I am running into people I know from Ballarat every day,in fact it was two lots yesterday and one the day before.
I hope your day is a good one.
Cheers shez X 

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

It was a Cruisey Day

The boys went out fishing today and us girls decided to go to Flinders cafe,boy their drinks and cakes were awesome

They had dinosaurs and dragon out in their garden,took pics for the grandsons

We all went out for tea at a local club and hubby won a meat pack

I bought some lovely earrings of my new friend Lorraine,some of the ladies in the caravan park get together and have a mini market under the trees in the park
And I bought this of Shirley who does beautiful water colour paintings She 
had some beautiful cards as well 
The boys are off early to do some more fishing today so us girls are going to do some more sightseeing and some shopping,boy it's going to be hard to go back home,lol,we are loving the heat up here.
Hope your day is a good one.
Cheers shez xx

Humpty Doo

Today we went to Humpty Doo and surrounding areas
Today I got to see my first live crocodile
Boy they sure do grow big,I would hate to run into one not in a cage
Bev and I clowning around 
We stopped at the Humpty Doo hotel and boy it sure was a busy pub
Hubby had a battered fish burger and I had just a plain hamburger,very filling the burgers were so big
We had a wonderful day yesterday and today the hubby's are going fishing and the girls and I are going to have a cruisey day .
I hope your day is a good day
Cheers shez xx

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Howard and Berri Springs

Yesterday we went to Howard Springs ,it was such a lovely place ,lots of families their with little children,there was a lovely place for the kiddies to swim.

Boy the size of these fish were amazing up to a meter long 

There were lots of turtles swimming around as well

Then we went off to Berry Springs 

We all went swimming here it was so cool here and the water was nice and warm like hopping into a bath

 So beautiful water falls there

We stopped at the world war 2 landing strip which was along the side of the Sturt highway

Not sure what we are going to do today  we have been having a ball and hubby is feeling great we are loving the warm weather.
Hope you all have a wonderful day 
Cheers shez xx

Monday, 20 June 2016

Mindil Market

We met some lovely friends of the people that we are with and Lorraine makes the most amazing butterfly's and dragonflys crystal hangings,magnets,hair pieces and her hubby Alan helps her as well

I bought a dragonfly and a butterfly crystal hanger for two grand daughters and Lorraine gave me a lovely one to hang in my bedroom and also a lovely butterfly fridge magnet

The market had lots of wonderful people performing,so much to see

After we bought something to eat for tea,we wondered down to the beach to watch the sunset,there were hundreds of people there doing the same thing

There was a lovely breeze coming off the ocean 
It was amazing watching the sun setting ,such pretty colours in the sky

Off to visit some lovely places tomorrow and the only one I can remember the name off is humpty Doo ,lol.
Hope you day is a good one
Cheers shez xx